неделя, 9 юни 2013 г.

Interior design blog

What makes a property into home? The love, attention, care and persistence which are given by the family members to create unique space, where their tastes for furniture design are brought together and balanced.
If this is done by interior designer the professional touch brings in even more balance and gives sophistication, but keeping in mind the tastes of the customers. So hiring specialist for interior design doesn't eliminate the personal contribution from the family, but instead they work together to bring sometimes in the World unexpected solutions for interior space problems.

In here we will share with you design  ideas from our Interior studio. We will keep watch on the leading trends for furniture and space compositions, new materials and interesting solutions for fabric decorations. These ideas you will be able to use for transforming your property into your home for you and your future generations, incorporating modern solutions and your personal taste.  

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