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Interior Design Color Trends 2014

The main color for 2014 will be BLUE !
When we think of blue we think of the infinite sky, the wast oceans, the heaven. We start dreaming and getting inspired. Blue is the color of creativity, inspiration and spirituality. It brings calming effect so it's good to be used in children's room, bedrooms and living rooms.
Looking at the sky or the ocean water is really calming, but also gives you perspective  about your day, the events that fulfill it, or even your life. Calmed, people can think more carefully and get better view at the bigger picture which can give them inner peace. This is the effect that our surroundings decorated in blue have on us- they broaden our perspectives, give us peaceful mind and inspire our souls.

The blue can be used as a basis- the paint of the walls or the main color of the wallpapers or as guiding color in a patterned harmony.
Modern minimalistic living room with blue walls

The blue is guiding color in the color scheme of the walls

Bohemian approach using blue

Country style

Apart from the walls blue is used in the furniture- comfortable sofas, chairs or decorative accents.

Blue furniture in combination with smart lightening system adorns this minimalistic living space

The direct light from the window is hitting the blue plush of the sofa and makes it very appealing for rest

Modern sofa in blue is brightening up the living space.

Patterns executed with different nuances of the blue help liven up the spaces in your home.

Different textures are used to "play" with the light and give more dimension to the blue surfaces.

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